Shots Fired Logo

In 2019, Overwolf released a developer challenge with support from PUBG Corp. to try and enhance the gamers experience by new and creative ways.

Being a dev myself, and a huge PUBG fan, I started to brainstorm ideas and Shots Fired was born.

The app has (and continues) to gravitate around OBS, the broadcasting tool of choice for many streamers. The idea was simple - automate OBS scenes and sources using real-time in-game events as the trigger.

A screenshot of Shots Fired (v1.) shown next to OBS
A v1. screenshot of Shots Fired shown next to OBS.

The name Shots Fired is a play on words. It represents the core gameplay of what shooters like PUBG provide, but also what a photographer would do with their camera. A nod to the streamer.

Over time, the app has expanded to include more than just shooter games. It now has features that allow users to blur the boundaries between the game environment and the real world, create dynamic streams, and write files that can be used as text sources within OBS and Streamlabs.

We have an active community of creators using the app and Shots Fired continues to improve thanks to their support.

Screenshots of Shots Fired (v6.)
Concept designs for v6. of Shots Fired.

Shots Fired is free to use with an optional support tier that unlocks additional functionality and helps with future app development. Give it a spin and join our community to tell us all about your epic creations.