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Editing an EventActions

File system

This action enables output to a file on your local machine, which can be used as a Text source in OBS and Streamlabs.

You might use this action if you wish to show a running count, such as your Win/Loss rate.


Build up a message using data parts, each part will be joined together before being written to the file.

Event data

Game events may supply data along with the event. This format type will provide the untouched, raw value.


Shots Fired will attempt to parse event data into a JSON object. Using this format type allows you to specify a period-separated (.) path to a specific part in the object.

For example, if the event data looks like this:

{"kill": {"kills": 2}}

Then the kills value would be accessible with the following path:


To understand the shape of the event data, use the in-game widget or the event log.

Static value

A static value is one that doesn't change over time.


Reads the current value from a variable that you have defined.


You want to track your kill count in Fortnite.

Set a trigger on the kill event and create a variable called totalKills with a counter type.

Add a File system action, add a file path to write to and and create a format with the following data points:

Static valueKills:
VariabletotalKills (Fortnite)