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Editing an Event


A variable is a way to collect pieces of data across the game session, such as tracking how many wins or kills, etc.

You can use the variable values in your filters and actions.

The name field is what you want to call the container and the value field is what you want to store in the container.

Variable types

Event data

Game events may supply data along with the event. This variable type will provide the untouched, raw value.


Shots Fired will attempt to parse event data into a JSON object. Using this variable type allows you to specify a period-separated (.) path to a specific part in the object.

For example, if the event data looks like this:

{"kill": {"kills": 2}}

Then the kills value would be accessible with the following path:


To understand the shape of the event data, use the in-game widget or the event log.


A counter will keep track of a number and increment it every time the trigger is executed.

Static value

A static value is one that doesn't change over time.

Resetting a variable

The settings button next to each variable allows you to reset the variable after certain criteria is met, for example, reset your win count after 5 wins or on a match-end game event.