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Editing an EventApplying a filter

Filter by payload

A filter allows you to fine-tune when a sequence of actions should run.

Payload is the term given to dynamic data that is determined at the time of an event. It could be event data or the value of a variable.

When all of your conditions evaluate to true, the sequence of actions will execute. If one or more conditions evaluate to false, none of the actions will execute.

A payload filter will only be applied when it is set to active.

Filter types

Event data

Game events may supply data along with the event. This filter type will provide the untouched, raw value.


Shots Fired will attempt to parse event data into a JSON object. Using this filter type allows you to specify a period-separated (.) path to a specific part in the object.

For example, if the event data looks like this:

{"kill": {"kills": 2}}

Then the kills value would be accessible with the following path:


To understand the shape of the event data, use the in-game widget or the event log.


Selecting a variable from a list of previously defined ones allows you to test the value inside. For example, you might use a variable to track a count of wins across your games played and use the filter to trigger an OBS action after it reaches a certain number.